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Hi,Passed my BTT last month and no surprise passed my FTT today.Passed the BTT and FTT in 1st attempt! Most recommend online services for BTT and FTT! TQ very much!


My $9.90 well spent! Thanx to Aceonline, I managed to pass my BTT in 1 sitting. Will recommend this website to friends and family!


Thanks a lot ACEONLINE.. Passed my BTT AND FTT both on my first try thanks to the practice here.. keep it up!

Tay KC

Thank you very much! I passed my advance theory evaluation test through your web site! I almost gave up on trying till I enrolled in your web site and I passed!

Jerry Loh

I tried out quite a number of websites for the driving theory test, but this one is the best that I found. Very user friendly and comprehensive. Passed my tests on first try, no doubt thanks to Ace Online. Keep it up!


eh, this site rox... very user-friendly... much cheaper than practicing at the driving centre... i practice here until :S, and... I PASSED! heh..


Thanks to AceOnline, I passed my BTT & FTT both on my first try. Thanks to the practice here.. It's Really Helpful....Thanks Again To AceOnline..!


Awesome! This website is really worth it! It works perfectly for me! Thanks for the great help! =D


I am truly happy with AceOnline,i tried the simulated test for only 3 days and i passed my actual FTT test. Thanks AceOnline. Will recommend my friends to try it.


$9.90 well spent. I think this site is really worth it. No regrets in signing up!

Sharon T.

With the help of AceOnline, I managed to pass my final theory test without even have to go through the Handbook within less than a week! The questions were exactly what is being tested. Thanks AceOnline.


Thanks for helping me to pass on the 1st time!


With the help of your Q & A handbook and online practice, I've passed my FTT on first attempt. Thank you so much! (05.08.10)


Professional, credible and accurate. I recommend this site to all who need to obtain a Singapore Driving Licence.




I passed my FTT today! I seriously owe a big thank you to this website! Thank you again (:


This site has really helped me a lot in preparing for the final theory test. I didn't even have to refer to the textbook as everything is provided here. The interactive practice with explanations and all is really awesome. Everyone MUST try this!!


ACE Online...u guys are great. I passed my BTT at one try.'s time to face the FTT...


Thanks ACE Online,I passed my final test! The questions and mock tests are really similar to the Traffic Police test!

The ACE Driving Team

Dear Users, thanks for all the encouragement and support for our website! We will continue to do our best to provide you with the most up-to-date questions so that you can ACE your Driving Theory Test and build-up life-long knowledge for safety on the roads. Happy Learning and Happy Driving!

Sam Roberto

Nice site. Thanks for the help...!

Ramani V

Thanks to Aceonline. I passed Basic theory in first attempt itself. I solved the test within 10 minutes and i've gut feeling that all my 50 questions are correct. Thanks.


I passed i passed i passed!!! Finally, after failing my final theory twice, I discovered your site, and after practicing I passed!! Thanks for the help! Can't wait to drive!

Abd Karim (yishun)

well yeah! thanks aceonline for the help..managed to pass my BTT only on my very first try!! will certainly recommend my friends to your amazing sites.

Mrs Teo

Failed my FTT twice,even after trying the practices elsewhere. Then I found this website and passed. Thanks for the practice! Keep it up!


A big thank you to Aceonline, I managed to passed both my BTT and FTT on the 1st try. Alot is due to using this website for practice and the simulated test. It really prepared me for the actual test. Cheers!


Thanks ACEONLINE for the help..managed to pass my FTT only on my very first try!! Will certainly recommend my friends to your amazing site. Thanks to the practice here.. It's Really Helpful....Thanks Again To ACEONLINE..!Very user friendly and comprehensive. Really nice database. I suggest this to all who go for the theory test.I seriously owe a big thank you to this website! Thank you again! (15.03.11)


I've passed my BTT after a few tries before using Ace Online. And today ive just passed my FTT on my first attempt.. Thanks so much Ace Online, i'll recommend Ace Online to my family and friends..

Sophia Lim

Hi, my friends and I have been using the ACE Driving book and it's great. Was really happy to see tt there is now an online test practice too! Great job MultiNine!


Thank U ACE Online....after practice, i passed my evaluation and today i passed my FTT! Without your website, i don't think i can make it on my own...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED,it's only a small price for this self-practice website,it's worth a million! Now, i only have to concentrate on my practical! WAY TO GO...ACE ONLINE!


I passed my first BTT today! My FTT will be next month I will continue use this service. TQ!


I took up the mock test online and I was very delighted that I passed the test in only 1 sitting! thank you Ace online!


My sincere thanks to Aceonline for the online simulated test. I passed my BTT and FTT on first attempt. Will definitely recommend to my friends/relatives. $9.90 well spent.


Just like to express my sincere thanks to your website for providing updated and relevant questions. I passed my FTT (1st attempt) with frequent practices on stimulated questions. I've strongly recommended to all my friends to sign up.


Cool format! The only website I've found with actual mock test format. Helps alot in preparing for the test. Glad that I subscribed!


A highly recommended website for all taking BTT and FTT. Passed my BTT after 2 weeks on 1st attempt. Thank you ACE online! wink


Nice site that helped me to pass my test. Thanks R for recommending to me.. will tell my friends about it too!


The FTT was 12 hours away and I've not been able to find time to read the theory book. Out of desperation, I registered for the FTT Subscription and did all the questions online diligently. And I was so glad that I did cos' I pass my FTT on my first attempt. Thank you ACE! - Susan

Liao Gangzheng

I pass the first test! Going for FTT soon!


Woo.... I passed my BTT today! After failing my BTT twice. Thanx Ace online. This site is really usefuL for us to practice. $9.90 is well spent. Now, i'm gonna concentrate on my FTT.. YeaHHHhhhHH !!!!


No doubt that this is the most accurate mock tests. I practised over and over again and guess what? I passed my BTT in one attempt. Thanks, Ace Online. (05/10/2010)


I'm from the UK and needed to sit for the Basic Test to convert my licence. This site really helped as the questions are very similar to the actual test! Passed the test with ease! Thanks ACE ONLINE!

Audrey Goh

Heard horror stories of people failing their FTT more than 3 times?? Be not afraid anymore! Ace Online helped me pass both my BTT and FTT on my first attempt without even having to look at the handbook for FTT. Just do the topical questions, and some mock tests, and you\'re ready to go! smile Thank you AceOnline! YOU ROCKKKKKKK


Thanks Aceonline! Passed my FTT today, after 5 times of failing it!! Now can't wait to get my license! Money well spent and I'm glad I chanced upon your website. Will recommend this website to anyone who is planning to take their theory test. Good work! keep it up!!


Nice site! Passed my test after practicing here. Have recommended it to all my friends preparing for their tests! Hope they pass too!


Thanks so much to AceOnline! I have passed my FTT with 49/50 marks! My money is very well spent. The questions in AceOnline are rather difficult but it helps me to understand the FTT more! smile (12.02.10)


You are indeed an \" ace \" in driving perspective as this is crystal clear from our experiences which is a testimony and in addtion your Ace Final Theory Questions & Answer Booklet is a further testament to your established organisation. (02.07.10)


The simulated test & practice questions really helped me alot! I passed my BTT on my first attempt! Thanks AceOnline!

Jane Teo

Hi ACE Online, the simulated mock tests are great! This is the only site which I checked out that has mock tests, and it is really helpful to me as I am a private candidate and must pay a lot to practice at the driving schools. I passed my FTT thanks to your help. Keep it up!


The questions prepared by Ace Online are well revised in a way that the level of difficulty is slightly higher than that of the actual. As long as you subscribe and do the online questions, you are sure to pass on first attempt! It's simply that GREAT! I passed both my BTT and FTT without much difficulty,thanks to Ace Online!

Wong Meihan

The simulated tests are great. Really helps in preparing myself for the real thing. Thanks aceonline..!

A. Salleh

I am an impressed and satisfied user of your site. Extensive database and variety of questions, easy to use and immediately lets me know where I need to improve. Great for self-study candidates like myself.


I am a private canditate, my company created an AceOnline account on my behalf. I practiced by this tool only, by which i managed to score 49 points out of fifty. I used AceOnline to practice the questions, and I passed my basic theory test. Now i am a happy & safe driver.

Piper H

Thanks to ace online i passed my BTT... i was so glad i took ace online to practice on.. i would recommend anyone to join this. for now im going to sign up for final theory online

Ann P

I PASSED!!! after ONE attempt. Thanks so much ACE. Now I need to extend my online membership for another month as I need to do my Advance Theory.

Mei Mei

Yes.... I passed my FTT today! Thanks for AceOnline for the mock up test...! 20.02.10


Thanks ACE Online! Your website helped me not just pass my theory test, but also to understand the traffic rules and conduct better.. Very grateful to you! Will recommend this site to others for sure. smile

Mischa V.

This innovative site is a great discovery! Thanks to the creators! Feeling confident about my BTT now smile


Your service is great and the test simulation helped me a lot in passing the BTT immediately. Many thanks and will recommend you for sure.


Thank you for the prompt assistance and service. Very happy to have subscribed to your service.


My older sister used the ACE driving books and passed both the FTT and BTT. She handed down her books to me and I must say it is great to also have this online test practice website... I passed my BTT yesterday, so I am really happy!


Thank you so much aceonline ! I passed my btt the first try itself. Thanks !


Excellent website!! Unbelievable that i am able to pass my BTT with only 1 attempt!!I was never into driving at all and never knew a thing about road signs and regulations. It's seriously WORTH IT. No ACE online!!

Valintino Guxxi

Hello, Your site is great. Regards,

Benoy Philip

The online mock test and practice questions are indeed very useful. I passed the exam in the first attempt. Thanks!


Hey, thanks for the help on clarifying my doubts on those confusing questions. After the practice from this website, I am confident of clearing those tricky questions in the test smile

Jessie Chen

Thanks to Aceonline! I passed my final theory test after practising the questions online. It really help me alot! smile (11.08.10)


My friend referred me to this site to prepare for the BTT. Just wanna say thanks to him for the great recommendation. Thanks Tim! I passed the BTT on first try!:) Thanks ACE Online too, I will be back for the FTT!

Shameer Ali

Thanks a lot!! ACE Online really helped me to pass BTT in one try. Not that it's very difficult, but chances of making more than 5 mistake out of 50 Qns is very high if you do not practice. Really nice database. I suggest this to all who go for the theory test.


Thank you so much for this web site Ace Online. I finally made it through my Final Theory Test! Now I can concentrate on my driving. Thanks so much!


I passed my FTT on my first attempt thanks to aceonline!

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